Merit Scholarship policy for Fall 2020 Admission at GIU

Program Name Eligibility for 1st semester based on intermediate or Equivalent Marks % Waiver % on tuition fee Eligibility Criteria for Continuation in Subsequent Semester based on CGPA

All programs offered

80% and above 50% ≥ 3.0
70% and above 40%

a) Initially, the scholarship will be awarded for the 1st Semester which will be extended on the basis of CGPA based performance as mentioned in the above criteria. The scholarship can be withdrawn if:

  • The attendance of the student falls below 75%

  • The student gets an "F" grade in any subject

  • The student is involved in any unlawful activity i.e. involvement in political, unethical, and anti-state activities, etc

b) The restrictions imposed in the clause "a (i) & (ii)" will not be applicable as soon as the student improves in the forthcoming semester/s.

c) The scholarship will be paid to supplement the tuition fee only. All other charges (where applicable) will be paid by the student.

d) Every scholarship holder must finish his/ her enrolled program in the prescribed minimum duration of the program. No extension of the award will be provided beyond the standard duration of the course/degree.

e) On the recommendation of the committee, the competent authority will approve the continuation/ reduction in scholarship on case to case basis (when required).

Note: This policy is subject to change as and when required by the competent authority.