5 Days Workshop Law Department

Criminal litigation is a crucial aspect of legal practice, and having a Guest Speaker Mr. Muhammad Asim Riaz Rana, Advocate High Court Lahore, adds significant value.

Day 1: Seminar on Criminal Litigation

• Introduction to Criminal Litigation: Overview of the criminal justice system in Pakistan, including key stakeholders and procedures.

• Roles and Responsibilities of a Criminal Lawyer: Discussion on the duties and ethical considerations of lawyers practicing in criminal law.

• Understanding Evidence in Criminal Cases: Exploring the types of evidence admissible in criminal trials and how they are presented.

• Challenges in Criminal Litigation: Identifying common obstacles faced by lawyers during criminal trials and strategies to overcome them.

• Case Study Analysis: Reviewing notable criminal cases to understand the application of law and courtroom strategies.

• Question & Aanswer Session: Participants engage with the guest speaker to clarify doubts and seek insights on specific aspects of criminal litigation.

In the end, the vote of thanks was given by Prof. Dr Mohsin Ali Cheema vice Principal Abu Umara Medical and Dental College Lahore. Moreover, Mr. Sheraz Deputy Registrar GIU, and Ms. Syeda Fatima Tahira Gillani Manager OSA also appreciated the law department for arranging such an informative session for students. Special Thanks to Ms. Iqra Ramzan (Acting HOD) Law Department for encouraging the students to participate in the workshop.