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Mentoring Procedure at Green International University

The mentoring program at Green International University aims to provide students with guidance, support, and personalized assistance to enhance their academic and personal growth. This procedure outlines the steps for establishing and managing successful mentoring relationships within our university community.

Objectives of Mentoring:

The primary objectives of our mentoring program are as follows:

  1. To support students in their academic and personal development.
  2. To promote a sense of belonging and community within the university.
  3. To provide guidance and resources for career and professional development.
  4. To enhance student engagement and retention.

Mentor Selection and Training:

  1. Selection: - Mentors are selected from the faculty and staff based on their expertise, willingness to mentor, and commitment to student success.
  2. Training: - All mentors undergo training to understand their roles and responsibilities, including the importance of confidentiality and adherence to mentoring guidelines.

Support and Resources:

The university provides resources and support to mentors and students, including access to workshops, seminars, and additional guidance as needed.

Monitoring and Evaluation:

Regular progress reports, milestones, and key performance indicators (KPIs) are used to assess the success and impact of alumni startups in the incubation program.