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Inclusion Initiative for Student staff and Community:

  1. Support Services for Students with Disabilities:

    Green International University provides comprehensive support services for students with disabilities, including academic accommodations, assistive technologies, and accessible campus facilities.
  2. Accessible Campus Facilities :

    Our campus facilities are regularly evaluated and upgraded to ensure accessibility for individuals with disabilities. We maintain accessible entrances, ramps, elevators, and restrooms to facilitate mobility and inclusion.
  3. Childcare Services :

    Recognizing the importance of supporting parents and caregivers in our community, we offer accessible, affordable, and high-quality childcare services for students, staff, and faculty members with young children.
  4. Professional Development :

    Green International University is committed to offering professional development opportunities focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion for staff and faculty members. These initiatives are aimed at fostering a more culturally competent workforce.
  5. Supporting Underprivileged in Collaborating with Madinah Foundation:

    • Scholarship : Madinah Foundation offers scholarships at Green International University for talented individuals from Pakistan. Scholarships cover tuition and living expenses for one to three years, with a possible fourth-year extension. Eligibility criteria include being under 30, demonstrating academic excellence, financial need, and clear career goals.
    • Disaster and Emergency Relief : Madinah Foundation responds swiftly to disasters, offering rescue, relief, and rehabilitation services. We've aided earthquake and flood victims in Pakistan, distributed essentials to Syrian refugees, and helped victims of conflict with supplies and healthcare training.
    • Madinah Eye Camp : Haji Muhammad Salim sponsored global free eye camps before Madinah Foundation existed. These camps offer top-notch care with imported equipment and training for local staff. Since 1993, they've provided free medical services, meals, and transportation for some patients. Thousands receive eye exams yearly, with over 1000 cornea transplants and 200 cataract procedures performed annually. These camps are held in various parts of Pakistan and several other countries.
    • Madinah Medical Center Madinah Foundation established the Madinah Medical Center in Port Qasim, Karachi, led by Mr. Shanul Haq Siddiqui. The center provides costly surgeries like Cornea transplants and Retinal surgeries for free to the economically disadvantaged, serving approximately 300 patients daily with state-of-the-art facilities and qualified medical staff.
    • Water, Sanitation & Hygiene Madinah Foundation's mission is to ensure clean drinking water and sanitation across Pakistan by 2030. In a country where millions lack proper sanitation and safe drinking water, especially in conflict zones, the foundation focuses on water access projects, filtration systems, and hygiene awareness programs, particularly for underprivileged women.
    • Free Education to Eliminate Poverty The pandemic has worsened poverty in Pakistan, with food shortages, job losses, and healthcare problems. IMF and World Bank data show a 1.9% increase in extreme poverty globally in 2020. Education is vital, but less than 7% of Grade One students pursue undergraduate studies, and only 39% find employment. Poverty is a major dropout factor, and university costs are rising. Madina Foundation provides need-based scholarships and support to underprivileged students to break the poverty cycle. They aim to expand scholarships, especially for women, to empower them with education and skills. Last year, the foundation spent 422,750,201 on this mission.