Not with standing anything contrary to the provisions of The Green International University (GIU) Act, 2020, the University shall offer the following Undergraduate degree programs. This policy described hereunder shall be called “The Green International University Admission Policy Spring-2021” and shall come into force for all the admissions of Spring-2021 and onwards.


  • Undergraduate

    The maximum age limit for the undergraduate program is 22.

  • Others

    On the proposal of the Admission Committee, the Rector may support the relaxation in age limit where required on case to case premise..

Applying for Admissions

2. Relevant information and application structures are accessible at
3. Applicants are urged to read the instruction clearly before Apply online.
4. Basic requirements for a candidate to apply for online admission are as under:-

  • Personal email address

  • Personal Number

  • Passport size photo

  • Scanned duplicate of CNIC/Form-B (If CNIC isn't given)

  • Scanned duplicate of following reports

    • Certificate/detailed mark sheet of Secondary School Examination or equivalent certificate

    • Certificate/detailed mark sheet of Intermediate Examination or equivalent certificate

    • DAE certificate gave by the Board of Technical Education (if material)

    • Character certificate from last institution attended

    • Domicile certificate

    • Migration certificate (if there should be an occurrence of Intermediate from Board other than Punjab)

    • Overseas candidates will need to submit their passport of his/her visa alongside the copy of father's/guardian passport

  • Processing expenses (non-refundable) will be charged at the hour of accommodation of first semester expenses.

  • Applications with inadequate and incomplete documents will not be considered for admission.

  • The University reserves the right to deny admission of any person without appointing any explanation.

  • A student will not be qualified to claim admission as an issue of right regardless of whether she/he is generally qualified..

Admission in the university is subject to the following criteria

  • Meeting qualification criteria

  • Qualifying admission and interview

  • The selection of candidates will be dependent on merit, assessment will be done on the basis of marks obtained in the last examination, entry test/interview and other criteria set by the University

  • Payment of all dues for the first semester

Applicants are needed to appear and pass admission tests and interviews directed by the University. Nonetheless, a substantial ECAT/GRE/NTS-NAT IE test is adequate for affirmation. Merit list will be displayed as per the eligibility formula as under:

  • Matric/O Level/Equivalent 10%

  • FSc/A Level/Equivalent 40%

  • Admission Test 40%

  • Interview 10%

  • Selected students are needed to confirm their admission by depositing the prescribed fee.

  • Initially, all admissions in the University are provincial subjects to check the authentication/verification of certificate /degrees of the students.

  • Applicants should know that if they submit any incorrect/false/forged/fraudulent information/deceitful data is an offence and the university has all authority to start lawful activity and drop his/her admission at any stage.

Fee Structure

  • Fee Structure is available at

  • Applicants should be encouraged to design their monetary obligation reasonably prior to joining a specific program of study.

  • Students defaulting on installments within due dates might be suspended and additionally suspended from attending classes and examinations until the freedom of contribution as per the criteria of the University.

Refund of Dues

A. University/Hostel security will be refundable within two years after issuance of final result notification after due clearance. However competent authority may condone the late submission of application for refund of security.

B. If a student withdraws from the academic program, following refund policy of HEC adopted by GIU will be applicable:

Full (100%) Fee Refund
Timeline for Semester/Trimester System
  • Within 7th day of commencement of classes
Timeline for Annual system
  • Up to 15th day of commencement of classes
Half (50%) Fee Refund
Timeline for Semester/Trimester System
  • From 8th - 15th day of commencement of classes
Timeline for Annual system
  • From 16th - 30th day of commencement of classes
No Fee (0%) Refund
Timeline for Semester/Trimester System
  • From 16th day of commencement of classes
Timeline for Annual system
  • From 31st day of commencement of classes

i)  %age of fee shall be applicable on all components of fee, except for security and admission charges.

ii) Timeline shall be calculated continuously, covering both weekdays and weekend.

C. Full fee of a student who is not promoted to next semester (for which the fee is paid) will be refundable.

D. Fee of the running semester will not be refundable if student is expelled / suspended due to disciplinary action(s).


Fees of the running semester won't be refundable even if a student is expelled/suspended due to disciplinary action(s).

As per its mission GIU invests in the personal, academic and professional growth of students. This Investment requires a financial partnership between the university and students. GIU believes that no one should be deprived of getting education merely on the grounds of inability to pay.

Policy/criteria for award of “Scholarship” to eligible students and “Financial Assistance” to impoverished students is available at

Inter Program Transfer

A Student enrolled in a program might be transferred to another program in the University (qualification condition applies) with the permission of the concerned Dean/HOD and Registrar/Nominee within a month of initiation of classes just a single time. No additional fee will be charged on this change.


  • If a candidate freezes a semester (s) s/he will continue his/her investigations from a similar stage where s/he Left (froze). No freezing during the semester will be permitted. The most extreme term of the degree program will continue as before.

  • . If a student isn't enrolled in any course in a semester, s/he won't be viewed as a regular student of university in that period. The student may then join up with these courses in an ensuing semester; notwithstanding, s/he should meet pre-requirements of any course taken. Moreover, it is perceived that the university isn't needed to offer all courses in every semester.

  • In some special cases, freezing during a semester is permitted with the earlier authorization of the Rector. Clinical declaration should be appropriately endorsed by the University Medical Officer.

  • If student may cease his/her studies by looking for semester freeze before enlistment in the second/ensuing semester on medical grounds or conditions past his/her control with composed authorization of the Head of the Department concerned subject to fulfillment of condition that the student has finished the last assessment of the past semester with least endorsed GPA/CGPA required for scholastic norm of the University to stay on roll. The student will need to pay 10% of the educational expense per semester for the freeze semesters.

  • If semester fees are deposited earlier for the freeze semester, the excess charge after allowance will be moved to the following semester as might be recommended by the University guideline.

  • Student who looked to freeze semester will need to get endorsement from the Head of the Department to rejoin the program before the beginning of the semester to be rejoined.

  • The length of Freezing is one year; a student who gets a semester freeze can get readmission one year from now with an impending meeting yet difficult cases can be considered by the equipped authority as it were.

  • Freezing of the initial two semesters for BS isn't permitted.

  • Under following conditions freezing of first semester can be considered by the approval of skillful authority

    • Iddat

    • Maternity/Delivery

    • Death in close family

    • Any other subject to acknowledgment on legitimized reasoning

  • If a student freezes a second or ensuing semester (s), s/he will retake affirmation in a similar semester at whatever point offered by the University, nonetheless, the duration of the degree program will continue as before.

  • During the freeze semester, the true blue status of the student will stay suspended.

Cancellation of Enrolment

If a student neglects to attend any lecture during the initial month after the beginning of the semester according to the declared timetable, his/her enrolment/confirmation will stand dropped consequently with no notice.

Cancellation of Admission

Student admission will be dropped if

  • Presentation of false/forged/fraud/documents (no re-affirmation will be given)

  • Students didn't provide required data to the university about a month and a half of the commencement of classes

  • Dues are not paid on the assigned date


Defaulters of 100% charge in separate semester can be re admitted twice in a scholastic profession on payment of re confirmation expense alongside the exceptional dues as endorsed by the University


The Rector, on the suggestions of the Head of Department may permit relocation/move of credits of students from HEC perceived institutions/relevant accreditation bodies, to the University, given that:

  • The institution concerned concur for the movement/move of credits of students.

  • Migration/transfer of credits cases will at first be investigated by the Head of Department concerned.

  • A student must fulfill the necessary eligible qualification of the program

  • A student, who has been exited, rusticated, expelled, or whose entry in the parent establishment was restricted under any circumstance whenever during his/her scholarly profession, the case for move of credits will not be considered.

  • Credits are very course to course. For example an individual taking course A at University X is permitted to move his/her credits to University Y given that course A is comparable to course B instructed at the Y University.

  • Courses with credit hours and course content equivalent to the degree program, will be considered for transfer.

  • Exempted courses alongside their credit hours will be displayed on the last/official mark sheet yet their grades acquired from the parent organization won't be shown. Such subjects will be set apart as "Moved Credits" (TR).

  • S/he needs to give NOC from the organization from where they want to migrate.

  • In instances of outward migration the condition tolerated by any institution is the transfer of credit hours.

  • In instance of internal movement an applicant will need to finish at least half of the courses from The Green International University.

  • No credit hours of a course will be transferred if the grade is not exactly C for undergraduate and B for graduate.